Biosample Laboratory Services

Biomaterial Sample Processing Services

Biomaterial sample processing services

The preparation, tracking, and processing of blood, tissue and various other sample types to support laboratory and diagnostic analyses are offered through a variety of semi- and fully automated processing methods tailored to sample type, collection vessels and project criteria. Our automated sample tracking and 2D barcode technologies ensure samples are maintained at requisite temperatures and our state-of-the-art technology solutions provide analytical data that is tracked and reportable throughout the testing process.

Automated Biosample Aliquoting

High throughput manual aliquoting of biomaterials is an error prone process and introduces the risk of human error. Automation decreases the risk of pipetting errors and increases the speed at which the samples can be aliquoted.

  • Hamilton Microlab STAR(s) - Precision Automated liquid handling system utilizing superior air displacement pipetting technology to support small and large volume aliquoting. In-line tube and 2D tube rack barcoding for comprehensive aliquot management. Software allows for the customization of protocols.
  • Beckman Biomek FX(s) - Fully automated liquid handling system configured for both 8-  and 96- channel pipetting for replicate plating and high volume assay preparation. Environmental sample control in-line with aliquoting as required.

Automated Blood Fractionation

Automated blood Fractionation

RUCDR Infinite Biologics Nucleic Acid Services and Analyses Laboratory performs fully automated blood fractionation that results in plasma/serum isolation, buffy coat isolation and red cell pellet isolation, all with aliquot number and volumes as protocol variables. RUCDR inline automation systems produce rapid fractionation of these components and succinctly upload aliquot data to RUCDR LIMS, ensuring that sample components are not contaminated or degraded due to prolonged processing times. Furthermore, RUCDR inline creation, scanning, and data upload of all products derived from a single blood tube guarantee accurate handling and labelling of all samples. RUCDR Infinite Biologics has collaborated with Hamilton Inc. on the creation of the EasyBlood platform which is the primary automated solution for these services.

  • Hamilton EasyBlood STAR(s)-Completely automated blood fractionation system combining precision pipetting, digital blood fractionation documentation and state-of-the-art aliquoting protocols for the precise and rapid fractionation of serum, plasma, buffy coat and red cell pellet directly from blood collection tubes.

Normalized biomaterial aliquoting/distribution

RUCDR Infinite Biologics offers customized sample preparation for analysis based on volume, concentration or quantity of nucleic acid in any user-defined vessel format. This is accomplished by utilizing automation systems such as the Hamilton Microlab STAR and the Caliper Sciclone.

  • Hamilton Mircolab STAR provides precision automated liquid handling with superior air displacement pipetting technology to support small and large volume aliquoting and in-line tube and 2D tube rack barcoding for comprehensive aliquot management.
  • Caliper Sciclone provides fully integrated automation for NextGen sequencing library preparation, sequence capture and normalization directly from primary samples.

Tissue Preparation and Biosample Storage

Tissue Preparation and Biosample Storage

RUCDR Infinite Biologics offers a variety of tissue-based sample preparation services ranging from micro/macro dissection and slide preparation for histological analyses as well as a variety of tissue preservation chemistries (when needed) to ensure appropriate preservation of both protein- and nucleic acid-based markers. Tissue preparation includes FFPE processing, tissue sectioning, tissue curls, snap freezing, and tissue microarray generation. Tissue is preserved using a variety of storage environments including and not limited to: LN2, -80C, -20C and room temperature.

  • VIPS SaKura & Leica Peloris Embedding TissueTEK – Continuous rapid tissue vacuum infiltration processing technology.
  • Leica CM 1850 -A versatile cryostat with an optimized cooling system, rapid specimen freezing and smooth specimen orientation for high-quality tissue sectioning.
  • Liquid Nitrogen (-190°C) -High quality tissues are flash frozen quickly and cleanly so that ischemia and contamination are kept to a minimum to support various extraction techniques.

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