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The capabilities of the repository range from isolation and banking of primary source cells from postnatal through adult human subject tissue to derivation of new iPSC lines, including comprehensive validation and banking of iPSCs or similar reprogrammed/de-differentiated cells. Capabilities also include transformation of lymphocytes from fresh blood to produce lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCLs), as well as transformation of cryopreserved lymphocytes isolated from blood.

RUCDR provides kit assembly, shipping and SOPs to your organization. We accept tissue biopsies, externally produced primary source cells, blood and externally produced iPSC. Our quality control services for cells include viability, microbiology, identity, genomic integrity, marker expression, pluripotency and differentiation assays.

  • Cell Culture Services
  • Cell Culture Services
  • RUCDR offers isolation and cryopreservation of primary source cells from tissue and blood, and lymphocyte isolation from whole blood for cryopreservation or transformation (immortalization)
  • Stem Cell Services
  • Stem Cell  Services
  • As the National Institute of Mental Health Stem Cell Center, RUCDR Infinite Biologics provides several stem cell services. We offer reprogramming of primary fibroblast, blood or lymphoblast cells to induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) using footprint-free derivation protocols and the establishment of fibroblast cell lines from tissue, including quality control, cryopreservation, and banking services. In addition, extensive genotypic and phenotypic characterization of primary, transformed and iPSC lines, including genomic integrity (karyotyping and array CGH), marker expression (FACS), pluripotency and differentiation assays are also offered.

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