Biosample Laboratory Services

Sample Storage Services

Sample Storage Services at RUCDR

RUCDR Infinite Biologics offers a variety of storage capabilities. All systems are continuously monitored with alarm systems and manually checked daily.

Mechanical Storage -70°C, -80°C, -20°C, 5°C

Mechanical Storage units are monitored using Network Robotics Tempurity™, Sensophone, SCADA 3000 Sensaphone® system, and Elpro alarm systems ensuring samples are maintained at proper temperatures and all times.

Liquid Nitrogen Storage -190°C (liquid and vapor phase)

Liquid nitrogen storage is monitored using the SCADA 3000 Sensaphone system to ensure temperature is constantly maintained.

Automated Storage

Automated Storage

Hamilton SAM (Sample Access Manager) is a -80°C automated management system. The SAM can store up to 803 microplates, and includes integrated tube processing module that allows for users to “cherry pick” samples in a temperature-controlled environment. The system temperature is continually monitored, and its design eliminates freeze thaw cycle of samples, and limits moisture introduction to maintain sample integrity.


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