Sample Analysis and Processing

sample analysis and processing

RUCDR Infinite Biologics provides a wide array of genotyping, gene expression, microarray, sequencing and functional assay services. We offer both pre-validated and custom assay panels for genotyping and gene expression analysis of human and rodent samples. Our platforms include both traditional qPCR-based detection as well as high-throughput microfluidic chips and microarrays, all with fully automated processing. Additionally, we provide assay development services for functional assays and high throughput screening using a variety of liquid handling and detection technologies. We provide consultation for experimental design, platform and technology selection, as well as bioinformatics support and data analysis. We also offer comprehensive services for next-generation sequencing on the latest platforms from Ion Torrent and Illumina. Service bundles include nucleic acid extraction, integrated sample QC, sample processing and fully automated construction of sequencing libraries.

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