Study Design Consultation

Consulting with RUCDR scientists

Knowledgeable RUCDR Infinite Biologics scientists are available to provide consultation or assistance with the design and implementation of new projects.

Study Design

RUCDR scientists

We critically evaluate the overall needs and long term objectives for each project creating a comprehensive plan for sample size, sample collection, consent strategy, sample storage volumes/environments, and sample bioprocessing technologies in order to maximize downstream capabilities. This approach prevents common pitfalls that result in wasted time, money and most importantly, precious samples.

Study Logistics

The integration of collection kit manufacturing, sample collection and transport are among the most critical components of any study. RUCDR has developed a logistics framework that has been validated in over 300 studies to date. Every study has specific requirements that can be addressed in the study logistic development process.

Technology Selections

RUCDR scientists manage projects to meet your goals

RUCDR Infinite Biologics utilizes various platforms and technologies to achieve short and long term project goals. Our scientists carefully evaluate your research objectives, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of specific technologies and ultimately implement work instructions that are tailored to project-specific goals. All samples and technologies are not created equally; RUCDR project management team leverages their expertise to identify the correct extraction and analytical approaches.

Bioinformatics Statistical Design

RUCDR bioinformatics resource resolves linkage or genotyping discrepancies within families, projects, or multiple data sets, thus enabling identification of candidate gene regions for common diseases. Robust computing storage and computational resources allow for RUCDR to execute a variety of analytical protocols for both simple and complex data sets. Variant discovery, sequence alignment, and microarray analysis are just a few of the standard analyses performed at RUCDR. RUCDR has statistical geneticists and biostatisticians that collaborate on study design inquiries.


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